Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Caudalie – Eau de Beaute elixir

Confession time, I never been into having a skin care routine.  I have always been very lazy in taking care of my skin. The only thing I would use was water and that was it. But ever since, I started working as a beauty consultant. I became a bit conscious about my skin and how it looks. I don’t like to use a lot of products and I prefer to keep things as little as possible.

I have recently added facial mist to my skin care routine. As I like having something to keep my skin fresh, hydrated and replenished. I have been using the Caudalie – Eau de Beauty elixir. It is such an amazing product and I am loving using it to the very last splash. This elixir contains grape, rosemary and peppermint, when combining them together it helps to tighten the pores and fight acne and giving an instant burst of radiance to the skin complexion. As these products contains antioxidants, vitamin C and helps to protect the skin cells from damaging. I love splashing the elixir into my face as it has such a great smell, it is a bit aroma therapeutic, and it easily absorbs into my skin.  

Here are three tips for getting the best of your Eau de Beauty elixir:

1.     Wake me up before you go-go

This is an obvious one but it has to be reminded. Use a face mist in the morning or whenever you feel tired. It helps to keep you awake as well as reducing the appearance of tired and dull skin. It

2.     Use your facial mist before your moisturiser

After you cleansed and toned your skin, splash some facial mist into your skin. It will help to bring back the hydration into your skin that the toner has removed. Facial mist also helps to increase help to increase the absorption of your moisturiser.

3.     Use it as a primer and as a setting spray

I am finding that the Eau de beauty elixir are great primer base. As they help to keep the skin hydrated, tightening the pore. So I like to give a splash of it before I apply my foundation. Once, I have finished doing my make-up, I like I do another splash of the elixir. I do this because I want to set my make-up and also to give that radiance to my skin.

I hope you guys enjoy reading today’s post and let me know what you think. What kind of facial mist are you into?

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